Roku 2 Streaming Player

Having recently sold their 10 millionth player, Roku has brought streaming entertainment to households across the country with its content-packed products. I worked with Roku on evolving their design language for their all-new Roku 2 box.

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Da Vinci Surgical System

Intuitive Surgical is a global pioneer in robotics assisted surgery. I worked with them recently to bring a new level of design to their flagship product, which allows surgeons to perform complex procedures on patients remotely with robotic instruments.

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Perch iPad Stand

Perch is an iPad stand with a personality by IPEVO, an innovative peripherals maker based in Taiwan. It comes in 3 sizes and features a dual axis hinge. During an internship with IPEVO, I worked on the design concept and prototyping of the Perch.

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Hi, I’m Anson. I’m an industrial designer who is passionate about designing beautiful products that wrap innovative technology in simple, elegant forms.